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Preventative Care

Many people who have issues with their teeth could have avoided them if they had only taken care of their teeth in the years leading up to the problems.

By getting into a good routine, you can make sure that your teeth remain in the best possible condition. We have put together some great information to help you make sure that your teeth can stay healthy in the long term.


Daily brusing

Although most people know that they should brush their teeth every day, sometimes it can get a little lazy. This could be due to tiredness or busy schedules, but often people skip their evening brush as they prefer to get a little extra sleep.

You should brush every day, using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Many people don’t brush their teeth properly or don’t reach their back teeth, so you should take care to ensure that each of your teeth gets the same amount of attention. You should also make sure that you replace your toothbrush at least every three months, or as soon as you notice that it has started to become damaged.

In addition to your teeth, you should also brush your tongue with your toothbrush, as bacteria can gather here, too.

Floss every day

Flossing is key to being able to ensure that all debris is removed from between your teeth. If this is not done, then plaque is almost certain to develop over a period of time. If you’re not sure how to floss, just ask us at your next appointment, and we will give you some tips. It can be a little uncomfortable unless you’re used to it, but so long as you’re using the right technique, perseverance will pay off.

Come to see us regularly

Ideally, you should come in to see us every six months for a check-up. If you have been told that you’re in a high-risk group for dental issues, this could be even more frequently. In addition, you should make sure that you come to see us as soon as you feel that you may have any issues with your teeth. The sooner you come in, the better we will be able to treat the problem.

At your appointment, we will also be able to offer you things like cleaning and polishing services, which will help to make sure that your teeth stay healthy in the long term.

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