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Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a very common and straightforward procedure that dentists perform to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by a severely damaged, decaying, or infected tooth. 

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The root canal procedure

Prior to beginning your procedure, Dr. Shin will make sure you understand everything about the procedure and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. A root canal involves four distinct steps. Dr. Shin will remove the damaged pulp inside of your tooth, clean and sterilize the entire chamber, reshape the root canal, and fill it with a safe material called gutta percha. By the time your root canal is over, you’ll finally feel relief from pain and your mouth will look completely normal.

Will root canal treatment be painful?

We've heard the scare stories about root canal treatment! Now, thanks to advanced dental technology and sedation dentistry using laughing gas, you won’t feel a thing during your root canal. Instead, after your procedure ends, you’ll be able to enjoy your life without the chronic pain and discomfort caused by your damaged tooth.

What happens after the procedure?

Other than slight sensitivity for a few days after your procedure, recovery from a root canal is quick and simple. With proper care, the results of your root canal can last your entire life! Instead of coping with infected tooth roots, abscesses, and tooth loss, you’ll enjoy total comfort with all of your natural teeth still in place.

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