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Our Industry Leading Technology

Ace Dental clinic has state-of-art technology and equipment, which helps us in diagnosing a dental problem and curing the same. From Dental hygiene to complicated dental treatment, Ace dental clinic uses the most innovated dental technology to achieve the highest quality work for our patients. 


1. Orthophos SL 3D(CBCT)

Ace dental clinic provides the CBCT 3D X-rays. With CBCT 3D machine, we are able to better assess different angles of your mouth as well as the surrounding area that can be affected by whatever treatment you choose. The CBCT allows us to see areas of concern that don’t show up on traditional x-rays. The CBCT is also useful to assess impacted teeth, dental implant placement, review dental pathology, trauma, assess the TMJ joint, and evaluate the airway to treat obstructive sleep apnea.


2. CEREC Primescan Intra oral Scanner

CEREC Primescan uses a wand-like device loaded with powerful imaging sensors to capture more than 50,000 images of your mouth per second. It is used in treatment planning, same day restorations, Whitening trays, Occlusal guards, Clear aligner and prosthetic appliances (flippers, partial dentures, and complete dentures).  

With the use of the Primescan, digital impressions can be securely sent to their corresponding lab with a single click in the software. We can now exchange images with the lab and discuss details or concerns in real time.

3. CEREC Primemill

CEREC Primemill utilises states-of-art technology and CAM strategies to produce premium char side restorations easier, faster, and more precisely. With a board range of material options from Dentsply Sirona and other validated partners, the treatment of multiple indications is possible.

Super Fast Mode for milling Zirconia crowns in around 5 minutes.


4. Piezo Technology

Piezo is a shortened form of the word piezoelectricity. It is commonly used in ultrasonic scaling, which is the process that we use to remove harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the teeth.It employs the energy of ultrasonic vibration to crush and remove hard, calcified deposits and result in a cleaner, healthier smile. It is much more effective at cleaning Deep pockets in the gums. Its very silent which can reduce treatment related anxiety in some patients.


5. Wave One Endo System

It has never been easier for patient to have a root canal treatment. However with the newest technology of Wave One Endo Systems, It increased the success rate and reduces the treatment time. Wave One helps to determine the most beneficial drill for each tooth. Once the path is confirmed it makes the drills precisely and easily. The Wave One instrument is strong and able to perform in even the most curved and narrow canal. This means less time and effort translating into less chair time for our patients.


6. Glo Whitening Therapeutics  

Introducing ECO Balance for gym health, now available at Ace Dental Clinic.

Go beyond brushing and flossing with ECO Balance, a clinically tested oral care whitening therapeutic. Proven 8x more effective than brushing and flossing when used daily with your toothpaste. 16x more effective than brushing and flossing alone. New from GLO Science and available only through select GLO dental practices like ours. We are excited to share this innovation with you.

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